Office of the Rector

The world is in a constant flux, and the needs assessment of our economy shows a lack of practical based knowledge.  Governments, Industries and other establishments demand a practical oriented work-force in all fields of human endeavour.

The Bayelsa State Polytechnic (BYSPOLY) Establishment Law 2014 proffers the solution. By its mandate, the Institution is poised to provide full-time or part-time courses of instruction and training in technology, applied sciences, commerce and management; and in such other fields of applied learning relevant to the industrial development of the State and Nigeria in the area of industrial and agricultural production and distribution and for research in the development and adaptation of techniques as the Council may from time to time determine.

With an impact driven mindset, BYSPOLY is designed to inculcate in our students/graduates, the spirit of tolerance of divergent shades of opinion as they interact with a global mindset. This is intended to keep our envisioned goal:“An educated person is a citizen of the whole world.” This will encourage the preservation and development of human values and respect for fellow human-beings, irrespective of class, creed and tribe.  Overall, BYSPOLY is poised to instilling in her students Light and Skills that would enhance Self-Reliance.

Students of this Citadel of Learning must take full advantage/ responsibility of the facilities in the Institution. Where a student is not sure or clear about any issue of concern, such as the grading system, writing and re-writing of examination, marking and re-marking of scripts, it is expected that the students would approach the appropriate Departments or personnel for clarification. Never in your pursuit of knowledge in this community must you be involved in any vices that will jeopardize your chances of being a self-reliant graduate, which is the future BYSPOLY craves.

Finally, there are rights, privileges and responsibilities of every citizen in any known community, and the Polytechnic Community is no different. Our community is set to provide guidance concerning the opportunities in occupations requiring information, skills in science, technology and other related sectors.

Pioneering is a great task and sacrificial too. As students, you are our partners in progress in our determination to make history in the growth of BYSPOLY.

Welcome onboard.


Mr. Wisdom Clinton Soreh