Vision Statement

A technological institution for innovative thinking and entrepreneurial skills for a sustainable self-reliant future”

Mission Statement

To strive towards producing self-reliant  graduates with technical and entrepreneurial skills founded on ethical values”



Core Values

Our core values are the ideals of our culture and tradition, which demand high conduct on our part. The core values emanate from our major principles by which we endeavour to abide. These are:

  1. Quality hard work & diligence
  2. Performance-based reward and recognition system
  3. Openness, transparency & accountability
  4. Respect for human dignity & human rights
  5. Focused and dedicated leadership at each hierarchy of authority
Corporate Conduct

Our corporate conduct is an elaboration of our core values. If our vision statement and mission statement shall be relevant in the day-to-day life of the Polytechnic, then the conduct expected of the various stakeholders has to be clearly stated, understood and accepted by all. The following shall be the specific aspects of the corporate conduct that shall be exhibited by all members of staff and students.