Governing Council

The Governing Council of the Polytechnic is responsible for the management of the affairs of the Polytechnic and in particular, the control of the property and finances of the Polytechnic; and also has power to do anything which in its opinion is necessary to facilitate the carrying out of the activities of the Polytechnic and promote its best interests

The Council consist of a Chairman and the following members;

  1. One person from the Academia
  2. One person from the State Chapter of the Manufacturers’ Association of Nigeria or a related body
  3. One person to represent professional bodies whose disciplines are taught in the Polytechnic
  4. One person selected from the State Public Utility or Corporations
  5. The Rector of the Polytechnic
  6. One representative of the Ministry charged with responsibility for matters relating to industries
  7. One representative of the Academic Board of the Polytechnic
  8. One representative of the State Ministry of Education and
  9. Eight other persons, at least one of whom shall be a woman, to be selected each on merit based on his contribution to the development of industry, technology or commerce or special interest in technical education.
Academic Board

The Academic Board takes charge of all academic activities of the Polytechnic. It is empowered by the Law for the direction and management of academic matters of the Polytechnic including the regulation of admission of students, the award of certificates and diplomas, scholarships, prizes and other distinctions. The Academic Board is responsible for regulations relating to teaching, study and research, including the use of the Library and to conduct all examinations.  The Chairman of the Academic Board is the Rector and the Registrar is the Secretary. Other members are the Deputy Rectors, Deans and Directors of Institutes, Heads of Departments, all Chief Lecturers,two elected representatives of each School from Senior Lecturer and above, the Polytechnic Librarian and such member of staff as may be appointed by the Rector.

School Board of Studies

There shall be a Board of Studies for each School, which shall report to the Academic Board.  In addition to other duties, it makes recommendations to the Academic Board on academic matters and advises the Dean on the general academic and administrative affairs of the school.  The Dean of the school is the Chairman and the Secretary is the Administrative Secretary of the School.  All teaching staff of the School are members.

Departmental Board of Studies

The Departmental Board makes recommendation to the School Board of Studies on academic and administrative matters affecting the Department.The Head of Department is the Chairman of the board and all teaching staff are members while the Administrative Secretary is the Secretary of the board.

Management Committee

This Committee is set up by the Rector to advice on matters relating to the management and administration of the Institution as may be referred to it by the Rector.


The congregation is made up of the Rector, Deputy Rectors, and every full-time academic and non-academic staff of the Polytechnic who holds a University degree or its equivalent.  The congregation expresses by resolution or otherwise its opinion on all matters affecting the interest and welfare of the institution’s staff.

Administrative Departments

The following are the existing Administrative and Service Departments and units for the Students and Staff of the institution:

  • Office of the Rector
  • Office of Deputy Rector (Administration)
  • Office of the Deputy Rector(Academics)
  • Registry Department
  • Bursary Department
  • Internal Audit Unit
  • Works and maintenance Services Department
  • Medical Services Department
  • Students Affairs Unit
  • Security Department
  • Library Department